5 Things To Look Out For When Renting An Apartment In Lagos


Renting an apartment in Lagos could be nerve-racking and time-consuming leading most  “house hunters” to make hasty decisions, most especially when you fall into the hands of unprofessional/substandard agents In order not to fall a victim of regret when renting an apartment in Lagos, below are helpful tips to have in mind when searching for that dream apartment;


  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Location And Budget
  • The House Itself
  • Proximity To Work Place Or School
  • The Environment

 Real Estate Professionals

Consulting a real estate professional is one of the most important factor to consider when renting an apartment. Real estate professionals helps you source for the best legitimate property at the best calculated rental value compared to unprofessional/Brokers who gives a predicted rental value.

Location and Budget
After deciding what kind of apartment you want, having a location in mind is next step and it cannot be overemphasised. The location, in turn, determines your budget bracket.

After you have come up with your location, figuring the rental price range is the next step and this can be done by asking questions like; how much am I willing to spend annually on an apartment? How much would be the agent’s commission? Can my financial status afford me the luxury of going higher? Can I comfortably pay this amount annually?

With these questions answered, you would be able to come up with a budget in view that would avoid unnecessary financial pitfalls and debt. If you are having trouble identifying a good location, Adeniji Adele & Associates helps with this by providing a list of locations across Lagos to choose from as well as their ratings and rental price ranges of apartments in various locations.

The house itself
When on the house hunt, you need to take your time to inspect the building and apartment carefully. Inspect the house for physical dilapidation, check for the piping system of the house too. You have to keep an eye open for the littlest of things as little as cell reception.

Also, ensure that the basic amenities are not just there for the decor but that they are very functional. Hence, be sure that you are taken for an all-round inspection of the building with things on your list that you can’t live without.

Proximity to workplace or schools
It is imperative to determine Proximity so as not to incur overly high transportation cost on a daily basis and also end up feeling burned out at the end of each day as a result of traffic or long distance drives.


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